The Impact of COVID-19 Induced Shortages

     More than a year later and business all around the world are still feeling the impact of COVID-19. Unfortunately, that includes Beckwith's. Labels, bottles, waxes and oils are among the many supplies needed to create the products sold here. Certain things that would take only days to replace prior to COVID-19 now takes weeks and sometimes months to obtain.

Many people who visit this site may not know it, but Beckwith's is a home-ran business that is operated almost entirely by one man, me, Sam Beckwith. I have a business partner that helps me contact vendors and is helping me reach out to retailers in the hopes of getting my products out onto the shelves of retail stores, but as far as the actual operation of the business, everything else falls to me.

There aren't teams of employees in a warehouse manufacturing products on a conveyor belt, packaging up pre-made products stored in boxes. Every product is individually hand-crafted personally by me. I design the labels myself, I design and run the website myself, I formulate, mix, pour and package every product by hand by myself. That is something that takes time and because of that, it takes time to get my products shipped out.

I know in a world where Amazon Prime exists, we've all gotten used to super-fast shipping times. Anyone can find a product online, order it and have it in their hands the next day, or sometimes even the same day. Unfortunately, for many small business like my own, that is an unrealistic standard to meet. To make matters worse, COVID-19 has caused a significant shortage in many supplies that multiplies the time it may take for me and many businesses like mine to get our products shipped out to our customers.

I strive to go above and beyond for my customers because I truly care about them and their experience with my products. I work tirelessly to get products made and shipped out in a timely manner, but sometimes there are obstacles that make that difficult to achieve. I greatly appreciate the patience of my customers and I apologize if it takes longer than expected for your products to get to you. I don't know how long these shortages are going to continue, but I know one day everything will return to normal.

Thank you all for the support and kind words that you have given me over the years. I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me and my business. I hope to continue to offer premium DHT-Safe beard products and more for years to come!

Sam Beckwith
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